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National Malaria Control Programme (NMCP)

Girl in a jacket

Huduma za afya kwa kuzingatia uhitaji, jinsia na haki kwa wote; Ziro malaria inaanza na mimi!

NMCP Organogram

 Program Management

The National Malaria Control Program (NMCP) is responsible to define strategic decisions and develop strategic plans concerning malaria control and elimination, based on recommendations from technical working groups, the health, nutrition and social welfare directorate of PO-RALG and development partners’ technical teams. Issues that involve innovative implementation initiatives or policy change will be submitted to the Directorate of Preventive Services and to the MoH Senior Management team for review and/or endorsement. 

The MoH Senior Management in turn interacts with the MoFP, the President’s Office – Regional Administrative and Local Government Authorities (PO-RALG) as well as coordinating bodies of the Development Partners. 

The NMCP is also entitled to mobilize resources by formulating operational plans to be submitted to development partners and Government of Tanzania. NMCP is tasked to fast track malaria control activities aimed at scaling up interventions towards the achievement of the malaria strategic plan targets. Other roles of NMCP include: